About O.S.T.

I created the O.S.T. company after I invented the original O.S.T. I had an AR15 with a forward grip, pistol grip and butt-stock that all had battery storage but all of them were empty. I began looking at how much utility I could get from that space. I began with a fire piston and ended with flint and steel. I then maximized the steel to clean all the critical surfaces that could be fouled up with carbon. I then added a knife sharpener and the OST was born. I applied for and was granted a US Utility patent for it. After that I showed it to some SWAT guys at work (Im a Deputy Sheriff), and they told me they wanted something that connected to their gear. I went back to the drawing board. I remembered I had a castle-nut come loose on me once and the wrench for it was really plain. I thought about all the cleaning functions from my scraper tool on the original OST and added those functions to it. I also gave it the ability to attach to a single loop of MOLLE webbing for convenience. I have a few more solo projects in the works as well as some joint ventures that should be coming out soon. OST will continue to produce products that maximize utility in new and unique ways while providing useful products to our customers.